Northern Ireland

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Key Issues

Lough Neagh Sand Traders


  • Continue to liaise with EHS and other organisations on all aspects of sand dredging operations.
  • Share health and safety information to ensure the safety of employees and all Lough users.
  • Continue to monitor the work of the Lough Neagh Advisory Committee and other agencies to ensure the safe guarding of QPANI members sand extraction rights.
  • Work with relevant organisations to highlight the contribution that the Lough Neagh Sand Traders make to the sustainability of local communities and the biodiversity of the area around Lough Neagh.
  • Monitor and respond to all new legislation that may effect the Sand Traders operations.
  • Achieve agreement on levels of discharge consent.
  • Monitor threat of invasion of Zebra Mussels on sand dredging operations.
  • Monitor and assess the impact of the opening up of Lough Neagh to pleasure boating.

Key performance indicators

  • Annual Production of sand.
  • Compliance on water consents.
  • Levels of complaints.
  • Accidents and near misses on the Lough involving sand dredgers.
  • Number of events attended in promotion of Lough Neagh Sand Traders.

Download the Lough Neagh Sand Trader information leaflet: