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At Momentum, we’re dedicated to helping every client achieve the absolute optimum tax relief they are due for R&D, Capital Allowances & Land Remediation Relief. With a proven track record in generating significant financial benefit for businesses across the UK and Ireland, our Tax Credit Consultants understand how transformative the right advice can be in driving your success.

Many businesses are unaware that they may be entitled to claim credit against these generous tax initiatives. Equally, we often help other companies who are not taking full advantage of the R&D tax incentives that are available to them. Our extensive experience, built up from specialising in these niche areas makes us highly successful at identifying, analysing and optimising all you R&D Tax Credit and Capital Allowances and Land Remediation Relief claim opportunities.

We don’t just sit behind a desk crunching numbers; our experienced technical team meet clients on-site and really understand what activities your company has been involved in. We have real conversations- we dig that bit deeper to really understand your business and build lasting business relationships.

For us, it’s all about seeing the bigger picture. Our dedicated team work hard to ensure you claim what you are legitimately entitled to. Being able to lean on our experts’ help means you can seize every advantage in the future.

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